How gammaCore Helps Veterans

If you’re a Veteran struggling with migraine or painful headaches since returning from service, you’re not alone. According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, over a third of Veterans who served at least one year in Iraq or Afghanistan have been diagnosed with migraine or signs of migraine.1

Veterans and active military personnel are more likely to suffer from migraine or other persistent headache disorders than civilians due to their exposure to stressful combat situations and higher rates of traumatic brain injury, concussion, or neck trauma sustained while serving. The subsequent migraine and headache pain from these experiences can follow a Veteran for years after deployment. Fortunately, there’s a way to get relief without surgery or drugs. The answer is gammaCore™ non-invasive vagus nerve stimulator (nVNS).

What Is gammaCore nVNS?

gammaCore is a portable, easy-to-use medical device with 6 FDA-cleared indications for migraine and cluster headache.2 It provides fast, reliable, clinically proven relief from multiple types of headache pain by gently stimulating the vagus nerve—no pills, injections, or drug-like side effects to worry about. The device can be used to prevent headache pain before it starts or quickly stop painful attacks when they happen. gammaCore is available by prescription through your VA provider. (Keep reading for more details on how to get gammaCore.)

Safe and Fast Pain Relief: How gammaCore Works

During treatments, gammaCore is placed on the neck, where the vagus nerve is located. The device sends gentle electrical energy non-invasively through the skin. The electrical energy stimulates the vagus nerve and sends messages to the brain. Since the vagus nerve plays an important role in regulating pain, stimulating the vagus nerve can block signals that cause headache pain and prevent future migraine attacks before they happen.

The Power of Pain Relief in Your Own Hands: Short, 4-Minute Treatments

One of the best parts about gammaCore is that you can apply it yourself at home or on the go, so it doesn’t impede your daily life. Each treatment session consists of 2 two-minute stimulations on the same side of the neck. Use it twice daily, once in the morning and again at night, for migraine and headache prevention and up to 24 times daily for fast-acting pain relief when needed.

Personalized Care and Training: How Veterans Can Get gammaCore

To see if gammaCore is right for you, call your VA health care provider or use the MyHealtheVet portal to schedule an appointment. Once prescribed by your VA provider, your device will be shipped directly to your home. We can follow up with personalized training to ensure you’re getting optimal results and check in to answer any questions you might have after starting the therapy.

Veterans who are not currently enrolled in the VA health care system may still qualify for migraine treatment through the VA. To apply, visit or call 877-222-8387.

For more information about how gammaCore can help Veterans, contact our dedicated Customer Experience team at 888-903-2673  or

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