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This Physician Finder is provided by electroCore, Inc. (“electroCore”) solely for your convenience to assist you in finding a healthcare professional in your area. Inclusion in the Physician Finder does not imply referral, recommendation or endorsement by electroCore as to the qualifications of any person listed in this Physician Finder or the quality of medical care he or she may provide. Nor does omission in the Physician Finder imply electroCore disapproval. This Physician Finder is not a complete list of all healthcare professionals in your area, and this Physician Finder may not include the most qualified healthcare professionals in your area to treat your condition. electroCore makes no guarantees that consulting a person listed in this Physician Finder will result in your desired outcome. It is wholly and solely your responsibility to assess the qualifications of a potential healthcare professional. electroCore has not verified the information provided by any person included in the Physician Finder. electroCore recommends that before scheduling an appointment to see any healthcare professional, that you research the credentials and reputation of the healthcare professional and satisfy yourself that the healthcare professional provides the quality of care desired, and that you meet and discuss the benefits and risks of available treatments with a qualified healthcare professional.