An Effective Cluster Headache Treatment

Cluster headache, otherwise known as suicide headache, has been described as one of the most painful conditions known to man. gammaCore™ can help, it's a drug-free cluster headache treatment that safely and effectively helps reduce cluster headache attacks and associated pain.

It can provide prevention and fast, reliable acute relief with a few 2-minute treatments and is small enough to be stored in a pocket, backpack or purse. So, you can have it ready whenever and wherever needed.

Stop Cluster Headache Pain in its Tracks

No risk of overuse


Clinically tested and FDA-cleared for acute and preventative cluster headache treatment with little to no side effects

Fast Relief


Users feel pain relief in as little as 15 minutes after treatment



Proven to reduce the duration and the number of cluster headache attacks per week

Fewer Prescriptions

Fewer Prescriptions

Users experienced a reduction in other treatments, including triptans and inhaled oxygen

Take Back Control

We understand how devastating and debilitating cluster headache can be. Hear from users like you who have shared their cluster headache and gammaCore experience.

“I was shocked at how it cut down the duration and pain level of a headache.”

gammaCore user Richard T. has been suffering from cluster headache for almost 10 years. He says gammaCore made a huge difference and helped get his life back.

How to Use gammaCore for Cluster Headache

To prevent cluster headache attacks:

Simply treat 2x a day, morning and night, for more headache-free days and live life with less disruption.

To prevent cluster headache attacks

To relieve cluster headache pain:

Use at the earliest sign of pain for fast-acting and long-lasting pain relief.

To relieve cluster headache pain

*This is a suggested treatment. Please speak with your healthcare provider to determine the right plan for you.

Getting Started With gammaCore Is Easy!

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Download the prescription form.


Have your healthcare provider complete the form, then email the completed form to or fax 1-855-647-1320.

Ship gammacore

Once received, we will reach out within 1-3 days to confirm details.

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