Safe and effective for cluster headache

gammaCore demonstrated fast, sustained, reliable relief when used to acutely treat pain associated with episodic cluster headache

Fast relief

gammaCore (nVNS) provided significant relief at 15 minutes for many adults

Reliable relief

gammaCore provided relief for more than 50% of attacks for many patients with episodic cluster headache

Reduction in duration

gammaCore may decrease the length and severity of attacks

gammaCore can be used to prevent cluster headache when used with other medications

Prevention of cluster attacks

gammaCore was proven to reduce the number of cluster headache attacks per week

Reduction of acute treatments

gammaCore was associated with a decrease in acute treatments including subcutaneous sumatriptan and inhaled oxygen

Safe and well tolerated

Patients treated with gammaCore did not experience any serious treatment-related side effects. Most side effects are mild, occur during the use of the device, and go away quickly after each treatment.

The most common side effects include discomfort and redness at the application site as well as dizziness. A tingling feeling where the device is applied is normal, but it should not cause major discomfort.