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David, UK

“It's improved my pain by around 40 per cent and I feel living with this condition isn't hopeless any more, so I have fewer dark days.”

Andrew, UK

“It has really changed my life. I use it twice a day to try to prevent headaches, but if I feel one coming on, I’ll use it even more as I find it really reduces the intensity of the pain”

Paul, UK

“Not everyone will find this device useful, but for those who do, it helps treat a devastating condition.”

Professor Goadsby, UK

“I spend eight minutes using it every day, and so far this has stopped any attacks. It has given me my life back by stopping the pain in its tracks”

Liam, UK

“gammaCore is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Quality of life is everything.”

David, UK

“It’s so easy and convenient to use. I have really been so glad to have another alternative to treat my patients.”

Dr. Sacco, US

“I started feeling like myself again I am not afraid migraine is going to control my life. For me, gammaCore works.”

Tracy, US

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Jess, US

“gammaCore was awesome and gave me immediate relief. gammaCore has been really convenient for me.”

Marie, US