The burden of migraine headache

What is a migraine?

When a migraine strikes, it’s not only painful, it impacts all aspects of your life, ranging from your homelife to your ability to work or attend school. Migraines can strike several times a month and can last up to 72 hours if untreated. Other symptoms associated with migraine can include:

Aura (flashes of light/disrupted vision)

Nausea and vomiting

Sensitivity to light, sound, smell, and touch

Interested in new treatments? You're not alone.

In a survey of 3,923 individuals suffering from migraine, 60% of patients were dissatisfied with their current treatments.1

While some patients find their current treatment regimen to be effective, it can raise concerns for others:
Unwanted side effects
Overuse of medication
Inconsistent relief
Drug aversion

Reference: 1. Migraine: more than a headache, it’s a “life-ache.” Published August 30, 2016. Accessed March 9, 2018.