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gammaCore Device

gammaCore Sapphire is the ONLY FDA cleared device to treat & prevent cluster headache attacks for fast, reliable relief. It's small, handheld and portable for quick and easy treatments whenever and wherever needed.

To stop attacks: Treat at the earliest sign of pain. With a few 2 minute treatments, you could see fast acting, long lasting pain relief.

To prevent future attacks, simply treat 2x a day for more headache free days, so you can live life with less disruption.

How It Works

Unlike traditional vagus nerve stimulation, gammaCore non-invasive vagus nerve stimulator (nVNS) activates the vagus nerve with gentle electrical stimulation through the skin to prevent and relieve headache pain, without the need for surgery.

Why simulate the vagus nerve? Think of the vagus nerve as the “superhighway” of the nervous system. This important highway sends communications between your brain and many parts of the body.

Stimulating the vagus nerve blocks the pain signals causing the attacks, to help provide fast relief and prevent future attacks.

Vagus nerve stimulation animation.

See How gammaCore Is Changing Lives

*Individual results may vary

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